Sell Don’t Push

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To any salesperson intent on making a sale especially if it means food on the table, it can be a challenge to work out a way to sell without being too pushy. Let’s admit it that often than not, many potential customers are turned off by pushy sales people. They may like your product, may even have a need for it, but the manner by which you sell may make or break the transaction. While you don’t have to be timid, trying to make a sale by being too pushy will not work to your advantage either.

How to sell without pushing it and not appear too “salesy”?

There are times when prospects cannot be blamed for being precautious because sellers exist and are out to rip customers off. Here are some suggestions on how you can make that sale convincingly.

1. Product Knowledge

Make sure you completely understand and know your product very well. This means being able to answer any refutation in a positive way by knowing how to point out your product’s strengths.

If you own a website, see that what you offer is pointed out clearly, in an easy-to-understand fashion. Don’t offer too many at one time that the site looks disorganized. If you blog about your services or products, stay focused on a particular topic on each blog.

2. Be Genuine

Blog about your products in a legitimate manner by getting a clear, honest message across. Your prospects can sense honesty and are more likely to believe in what you offer. Be open in expressing how your business can be helpful.

3. Market and Promote the Right Way

Promoting a business does not always entail giving out endless discount coupons. Writing and posting relevant and compelling articles is an effective way of doing it. Creative “How To” videos are also effective.

Make good use of previous customers’ testimonials, success stories and case studies.

4. It’s About the Price Tag

Contrary to “forget about the price tag” famous song line, people care about the price tag because it is the fastest, most effective way to convey the message that it is for sale. Showing your products’ prices is basic, nothing pushy about that. People who are already aware of how much a product is and proceed to get in touch with you are likely to be buyers already.
The genuine desire to help people by means of the product you sell is basically what will help you become an effective sales person. When there is desire to help, there is no need to be pushy.

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