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2019 Business Strategy Planning Step 5: Goal Setting Process

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You have done alot of heavy lifting and now we are in my most exciting part of the business strategy planning process….The Goal Setting Process In the first 4 steps, we examined: 2018 Accomplishments, Lessons Learned and Theme for 2018 What type of business you are truly wanting to build The Revenue Plan Gap Analysis […]

Business Strategy Planning: Step 4 – The Gap Analysis

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WooHoo!!! You have made it to the half-way mark of my 7 steps Business Strategy Plan…well done! This step is going to require that you get familiar with what is known as THE GAP ANALYSIS You may be asking what is a Gap Analysis?  Simply stated it is a tool that I used to capture […]

Business Strategy Planning – Step #3 – Show Me the MONEY!!!

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Creating Your Revenue Plan Did you complete Step 2 of the Business Strategy Plan?  If not, do not pass go until you have completed this step. It really is the foundation to everything else we will be doing over the next few days. My goal is that by end of the year….you will know exactly […]

2019 Business Strategy Planning – Step #2 Decide What Type of Business You are Building

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A few days back I sent you an email that share Step 1 of my 2019 Business Strategy Planning, my hope is that you took the time and actually implemented. (If you didn’t catch my previous email I would invite you to click here for the post…it really is the foundation for what we will […]