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I was sitting in the middle of an event and I had the biggest “AHA” that I’ve experienced in a long time. I heard the presenter, my friend Eiji Morishita say “What pisses you off about your industry or market?” I can hear bells going off in my head and I knew exactly what gets under my skin, simply put “Authenticity and Integrity.” They probably go hand-in-hand but what I know is there are so many speakers, coaches, trainers, service professionals who are not authentic. Hear me when I say, I am not acting as if I am Moses on the mountaintop declaring that I am better than anyone else. The reason for this post is because I care about those within my industry and those that I serve.

You see I figured out something during that event. It was a burning question that I had been wrestling with for the last couple years since I started my company. What is it you may ask? I glad I peeked your curiosity. The question I had was why are so many entrepreneurs struggling while others who seem less talented making millions? The answer I believe is AUTHENTICITY. I believe these entrepreneurs know who they are and they are comfortable in their skin. This level of authenticity is so refreshing especially when we are in a world with a lot of people trying to be someone else. This authenticity is not only refreshing it is seductive and it draws you in to a point that you want to buy from them.

Think about it…our buying decision is always one that starts with emotion. We buy emotionally and then we justify logically. So if I meet someone who is authentic and they seem very competent I have no problem being persuaded or a better word would be influenced to purchase from them. However, when I meet someone and everything looks absolutely perfect on the outside, their appearance is immaculate, they are an excellent communicator and may even appear to know their stuff but I don’t buy. Why? Because despite what I am looking at their is something that is incongruent and because non-verbal communication is more powerful than verbal communication I walk away scratching my head and saying I wanted to buy from them but something is not quite right with that individual.

That something was my intution letting me know that the person was not authentic or they were out of integrity with what they were communicating. Which brings up another point…INTEGRITY. Have you heard of the statement “Fake it to you make it.” I know so many people who are putting on airs and acting like they have it all handle and guess what that is doing for their business. Absolutely NOTHING!!! As a matter fact because they seem so polish, so put together they are not getting business because people think they are successful and don’t need any new clients. Crazy is it?

As a person who holds a degree in psychology I love Alfred Adler who theory was to live “as if”. To operate your life “as if” you have everything that you want. It is similar to visualization. If I see myself as a millionaire how would I act, speak, and be. I have no problem with a person doing that as a matter of fact it is by incorporating this new behavior, ritual and habit that will propel you faster than anything that I have ever experience. I’ll share my story about moving to San Diego on a future post and I used this principle to get me here. The distinction between “fake it to you make it” and live “as if” is the former your brain doesn’t believe it where as with the latter your brain absolutely does. The reason why fake it to you make it doesn’t work is because you haven’t place yourself in the actual state of being there and your brain said “Bull Shit”. This translates in your presentations, your conversations and ultimately your bottom line.

So what is the answer. Two powerful words “AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY“. This is the new marketing strategy. Actually it is not a strategy at all. It is you being yourself. This goes deeper than you can imagine, you see I believe that everyone has a tribe, a community that they are called to serve. It is their mission and calling to help these people. This is something that I go in more detail at my Get More Business Workshop where I help the participants identify who they are here to serve. If you are walking around trying to be an imitation of someone else than your tribe and community cannot find you and thus they are left suffering.

If you are not making the money that you want and you have a marketing strategy in place. If you have crafted your ideal client profile and have a kick-ass elevator pitch and you have your revenue plan and have identified your mission and know why you are in business. If all of these things are handled and you are not making money then I would have you consider that you may have lost yourself in your marketing. Are you modeling someone or imitating what someone else is doing? Are you becoming a mini me? Are you asking for help? Do you believe in yourself and your product/service?

These are some thought-provoking questions and I know for some I may ruffle your feathers but it is because I am pissed off. I am pissed off with watching amazing people struggling to get their gifts out into the world. I am disturb that these amazing people are not making all the money their hearts desire. I am upset because their are tribes and communities that are suffering because YOU are not showing up as YOU. Yes I am pissed off but more importantly this realization started with me looking at my business and asking these same questions of myself and believe when I say I didn’t like my answers. However, what I love is that out the conversation emerge “rae” and a new desire and passion for my business and I am on a quest to find my tribe and my community. I am a beacon of light and I am standing in authenticity and integrity and because I am willing to be me I know they can find me.

Your tribe is waiting on you and wanting you to help them…will the real YOU stand up?

P.S. By the way…if you don’t have your marketing strategy, revenue plan, elevator pitch, and your mission flesh out I would like to invite you to come to my upcoming workshop “Get More Busines NOW!” on September 17. I am adding the authenticity marketing piece to it and I can’t wait…it is going to be JUICY!

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