2019 Business Strategy Planning Step 5: Goal Setting Process

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You have done alot of heavy lifting and now we are in my most exciting part of the business strategy planning process….The Goal Setting Process

In the first 4 steps, we examined:

  1. 2018 Accomplishments, Lessons Learned and Theme for 2018
  2. What type of business you are truly wanting to build
  3. The Revenue Plan
  4. Gap Analysis

Now that you have clarity around where you have been and what type of business you are building in 2019…it is time to truly envision, dream big and begin creating your big, yummy goals for you business.

The easiest way to goal set is to look at your business in 4 main categories. They are:

1. Guiding the Biz

This category is all about you becoming the CEO of your company.  It is your mission, vision, values and guiding principles. It is the area where you put on the CEO hat and dream about your business in the future.

So the question you must answer is simply “What is my vision for 2019?”  I would invite you to take off the limiters and answer the question from a place if failure was not possible.  If you could really have your business the way you truly want it…what would it look like?

2. Getting the Biz

This category looks at your sales and marketing.  We will touch more on marketing within Step 6. But before we get there, take the time to answer these questions.  What are top strategies for marketing? How many new clients do you want to acquire? How many new leads do you want to add? How much money do you want to generate?  Are you increasing or decreasing prices?

3. Running the Biz

This category consists of your operations, accounting and legal.    

What are your goals for 2019? For many of you, 2019 will be a year of exponential growth and in order for you to maintain and sustain this growth it will require that you look at building up your team and infrastructure.  Here are some questions for you to answer in this category…Who do you need to hire? Who do you need to release?  What systems do you need to introduce or get back to?

4. Doing the Biz

This is all about delivering the goods.  It is client fulfillment and adding massive value. In order to grow in 2019, you may need to look at doing things differently.  Take some time to answer these questions:

What new products are you adding to your business? What are you deleting or no longer doing? What is your primary focus for your business?

Hopefully, your creative juices are flowing because Step 6 as I mentioned earlier is all about your marketing and sales strategy for 2019.  We are in the home stretch, great job putting in the work and as always if you need support or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to serve!

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