2019 Business Strategy Planning – Step #1 – Year In Review

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December is by far one of my most favorite times of the year. Why? Because as a Virgo, I love, love, love to plan AND I get to work with my one-on-one coaching clients and help them create a profitable strategic game plan for the new year.

Every year, I  do my strategic planning in my bat cave (aka my Home Office) but this year I decided to do something that I’ve never done before. I invited a few of Facebook friends to join me LIVE for my first ever Business Strategy Day Mastermind. We spent the full day together and I shared my exact 7-step formula that I use within my business and  with my clients.

We had so much fun and it was so well received, that I figure why not share my business strategy plan with you…so if you have been scratching your head and thinking, “Where do I begin?”

You are in for a treat…

and instead of sharing all 7 steps in one email (because I know first hand how this can lead to overwhelm), I decided to spread each step out over the next couple of weeks so you can make the time to really IMPLEMENT!!!

What I know for sure, is if you take this seriously, you will begin your new year with not only a strong foundation but you will have laser focused to hit the ground running on Jan.2nd…my hope is you will not be working on New Year’s Day)

COACHES TIP:  Before you start your plan I recommend you purchase these supplies to help you maximize your time and productivity.

  1. Notebook/Journal (to jot down your brilliant ideas and capture your accomplishments)
  2. Year At A Glance Dry Erase Calendar (I recommend you purchase it from Amazon – I provided a link to make your shopping easy/breezy -
  3. Colored Erasable Pens/Markers/highlighters
  4. Post-it notes
  5. Classical or Meditation music (this background music will help you to get your creative juices flowing)
  6. Laptop/computer

BONUS: For those of you who are creatives, I also use a paper planner  for my day to day scheduling.  Since I am a visual learner it makes my life easier to see everything from week to week or month to month.  My favorite planner is by Recollections sold at Michael’s Arts and Craft store.  Click this link to check it but come right back…

So what’s the very first thing that I do when planning my new year or when I am working with my clients….

STEP #1:  YEAR IN REVIEW (Allocated time commitment: 1-2 hours)

What I have learned is that many of the people that I attract in my  tribe are what I call “HIGH ACHIEVERS”.  If you are part of my community, you probably want a Big life, you want to make a Big difference and IMPACT to those you are called to serve… and you probably are a BIG dreamer.

However, what happens with most people is they run from year to year without stopping long enough to take an assessment and truly evaluate what they are doing well.

As a matter of fact, I find that most people will not take the time to reflect on their past year…especially if they have a habit of not hitting their financial goals.

Why is this?

I believe it is because they feel like a loser or maybe they are disappointed that another year went by and they have missed the mark. (Does this sounds familiar?)

One of my mentors, would also share with me “Rae you can’t improve what you don’t measure”  And so the first step to creating a WINNING business strategy plan is to stop and review your past year.

So grab your journal and what I want you to do is answer the following questions”

  1. What are my accomplishments for 2018 (in all areas  spiritual, financial, health, relationships, business/career, fun)? Write down as many as possible
  2. What were my lessons learned?
  3. What are my areas for improvement?
  4. What was my theme for the year?

Give yourself the gift of tooting your own horn…don’t focus on regret and what you didn’t accomplish.  What you will find that if you give yourself the opportunity to really do this exercise full out…you should feel “ON FIRE!!!”  And this is exactly the energy you want to create a phenomenal 2019.

Start here and on our next training, we will look at  “Creating a Clear and Compelling Vision for Your Life/Business”



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  1. Veronica Eisenhardt says:

    Needed this written inventory to solidify the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and lessons learned in 2018. Seeing it in writing makes all the difference…in my acceptance of what was and is…and my definite plans to overcome obstacles for WHAT WILL BE 2019. Thanks, Coach Rae!

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